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I Did This!

As we all know, there are some places we find ourselves on the internet, that even if someone were to offer us a million dollars if we could retrace our steps to the beginning, we would walk away with empty pockets.

Well my friends, such was the place I found myself the other day, learning all about Tamagoyaki.

I watched several videos in awe. Which then turned to a powerful desire to make some of these myself.

How cool is that???

Well. I took myself into the kitchen and using only a two egg version of the recipe and my ordinary cast iron skillet, made a small, rather ugly little rolled up tamagoyaki. But it WAS rolled and it did look something like it was supposed to.

But what surprised me the most was how it TASTED!

It was a little sweet and a little savory at the same time. Delicious! And another thing about this method is how gently the eggs are cooked. It avoids the iron or sulfur taste that you sometimes get when you have cooked them in too high a heat.

Well. I thought. I need that pan. That’s all there is to it.

So I ordered one on Amazon and it arrived today.

Here is my first official, properly made tamagoyaki:

I need to square up my edges a little better. But I’m very happy with them.

They were delicious. And just so you know, they taste even better to me when they are room temperature.

Here’s the pan:

This was the recipe I used:

4 eggs, 1 teaspoon soy sauce (Braggs’ Aminos), 2 teaspoons sugar, two pinches of salt.

That’s it.

Though my daughter in law says she thinks minced cooked mushrooms would be good. I agree. Will try that soon.

There are actually many other things that get added to the traditional recipe depending on what you like. Something called Mirin which I found out is a sweet cooking wine and dashi which is fish broth. But if I never did anything more adventurous than the ingredients I used, I would be very happy.

I love learning new things!!!