Update on Links in Entries

Greetings again everyone,

     2 entries in one day – although I must have my timezone set wrong cos the system thinks its 2 days, but anyway…

So, after a Reader Comment that talked about not being happy for a Plus account holder to not be able to add links in entries, it struck me that I should be able to allow Plus account holders to add links – they've verified they're not spammers and it's a pretty straight forward and bulletproof way of doing it.

So – if you're a Plus account holder you can add links to your entries again – and to prove it, there's one below 🙂


4 thoughts on “Update on Links in Entries”

  1. Thanks Steve. I wasn’t about to complain, since I understood the reason why you had to disable linking to begin with, but I appreciate being able to again as a Plus Account holder.

  2. What happened?? I was able to write my diary entries fine until recently, now I can only type up to a certain point and then the scrolling stops & I can’t see anymore. The scrolling has stopped again! Was something changed??

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