Top Ten Fixed

OK, I’ve optimized (read, recoded) a BUNCH of queries on the server – some of them in the old Perl code (which really is beginning to show its age now!) and a couple in the new .Net code (which shouldn’t have barfed but oh well you live and learn)…

The slow query log is trapping any queries that take too long to run. So far there haven’t been any since 21:06 (which is errr, 4 and a half hours ago) and they only popped up because I dropped a couple of indexes which caused some slow down.

All the queries are now running a LOT faster, there’s some extra tables for counters and things rather than calculating counts on the fly, and the Top Ten Diaries has been split out into seperate queries to enable MySQL to stand a chance 🙂

All in all, the server seems to be flying along now (and there’s actually STILL room for a LOT of optimization I noticed in my digging around in there) so in theory we should be beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Fixed”

  1. Thanks a lot!

    Can we send money in the mail legally to you? Are there any restrictions in your country about it? After the recent debates about sending money to you in the mail in the forums, I was wondering if it was even legal.

    If not, there are always money orders.

  2. ::cheers from the sidelines, as promised, and for the one part she understands:: Light at the end of the tunnel.. YAAAAAYY!!!

  3. Wait up…. I am confused…

    A top ten diary list?

    can’t this all be just easily dealt with by having the big machine just do an automatic count of all the hits ( or whatever they are called) that each journal gets every day and then like just puts it up there automatically????

    OR couldn’t a person technically have two systems combing the groups of diaries and stuff… wouldnt that make it faster?

    I don’t know much about all these things you talk about…. I have never really become computer literate so things like SQL and Queary…. are foreign words to me…

    But, you know me… I’ll end up babbling about anything…

    WELL, sorry I was late with my advice… but if you need help again… you know who to call on!


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