To Me

Sorry to disappoint you buddy but there’s more coming too. Its called choice. Its called freedom. Its called the ability to tell jerks you no longer wish to listen to their insensitive, overactive drivel.

Its called choice. I said that already. But I say it again. Its called choice.

I choose not to ban comments on my particular diary, mostly because I’ve not had the experience that some people here have, but lets see if I can pick an example that relates to the real world.

You’re standing at a railway station in a country where the police don’t do anything to assist anyone because, well they’re too corrupt and indeed its probably them doing the worst of the crimes. These places exist.

You’re approached by a guy, who wants to talk to you about religious beliefs with which you disagree. You decide OK, what the heck. But when he realises you disagree he gets abusive. He starts shouting untruths that you’re a drug dealer. Before you know it there are now ten others around you hassling you for drugs because this guy is part of the town and you’re an outsider. There’s nothing you can do or noone you can call. You have no choice. You’re not a drug dealer, but these people think you are because of whats been said, by a liar, a cheat and a low life.

But that doesn’t matter does it? Come on, this is real life man. You need to learn that you shouldn’t go to places like, goodness, a railway station, if you’re not prepared to deal with this kind of stuff. Maybe you should have just stayed at home?

Well dude, thats what you just told our diarists to do who don’t want to be hassled by low life. If you don’t want to be hassled by low life, stay at home? No. What kind of freedom is that?

If you can deal with the lowlife, and don’t mind doing so, then no problem, our system allows that too. If you can’t be bothered, don’t want to, or are feeling sensitive today for whatever reason, no problem – now our system copes with that too. You have a choice.

The fact that you for one don’t give either way is great. I applaud you for your bravery or thick skin. But why do you feel that people that don’t feel like they need, want or should have to, cope with idiots should have to? Why?

Whats being over 18 got to do with it? The system takes no account of age. Only diarists choice and preference.

I am signing non atomic for the simple reason I don’t need a crowd of people clicking to read my diary now that I have posted this.

Indeed. Isn’t wonderful that you have that choice? (Or is it that you don’t want to have to deal with abusive comments?)

Just because someone should decided to leave a rude, nasty remark – that isn’t going to destroy the person

No, you are not correct. Just because someone should decide to leave YOU are rude, nasty remark isn’t going to destroy YOU. Other people may feel differently. They now have that choice.

This is the freaking internet

Correct. But like elsewhere in life there are people we like to associate with and have discussion with, and there are people that flat out piss us off. The latter, we move away from and disregard. We stop listening, we stop associating with them and they go away. But because this is the freaking internet people don’t seem to have the same good sense to go away when they realise someone doesn’t like them. Indeed, it goes the opposite way and they hang around even more, causing more pain and grief and heartache for the poor person concerned.

Well, here that stops. If someone doesn’t like you leaving comments that someone can now forcibly stop you leaving comments – just as they would in real life. Its called the choice of who you associate with.

So, ‘Me’, there you have it. Once again I have risen to the bait of you and others like you who would rather this site were a free for all slanging match and justified yet again our reasons for this. Let me put it into two succinct sentences for you to get it through your tiny mind;

This site is NOT a place to have your flamefests, or to come and annoy people with your drivel. It is a site where people can come and let their souls out for a wander if they want to and NOT have to fear your reprisal, your destructive comments, your abuse and such like IF THEY DONT WANT TO.

If, to be abusive or have a flamewar is your intention or desire thats fine. There are plenty, nay HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of other sites you can do it at. Go do it. Get it of your chest. You’re just not doing it here. Here is a place of shelter and rest where people come by choice because they want to release trauma’s, stress and hassle. Not get more.

You heard me correct. Go elsewhere if your intention is to abuse or flamefest. We don’t desire you here, its simple.