To Goldcoast

Sorry, the numbers at the end are debug information while I was making the changes to the Reader Comments. They should not be added any more, indeed the window where they were added was approximately 1 minute! Unfortunately my PHP skills aren’t as brilliant as they could be otherwise they’d never have been shown in the actual comment!

If you need me to edit the comments, or if you’d prefer to just delete them, please ask, and the same goes for anyone else who might have comments with numbers at the end!

The numbers do relate to the connection the comment originated from, in the case of your comment, a proxy operated by AOL. You can probably see the same number if you look at the showMyHits script.

21 thoughts on “To Goldcoast”

  1. It says I have reader comments when I hold my cursor over the reader comments button, but when I try to read them, it says "No comments"

  2. There’s a comment in my diary where it appears that the IP address or some other number is at the end of the comment. It’s from yesterdays, last entry.

  3. Steve and Matt:

    I applaud you for your patience.

    We’re going to drive you guys insane. Here’s a simple solution to your unending problem. Discontinue the Comments feature. No one gets to comment anymore. We just write for ourselves and no one else … not for hits and not for comments. It’s not a popularity contest.

    Put an end to the freak show! Discontinue the comments and both your lives would be much easier.

    Yours, Rebecca

  4. LOnesblue, Speak for yourself. I like comments, why, because 99% of the ones I get are insightful and interesting. Lonesblue, if you don’t like comments you can make sure they don’t show up on your diary. Just go to customize. Anywho, thanks admins for trying to make this a more enjoyable experience.


    It’s not fair.

    I think each diarist (name;) should be allowed to generate only 5 (?) comments a day. You’d think twice before you wasted a comment on a mean unnecessary comment, or if you didn’t, at least there’d be a cap on the ammount of damage you could do each day.

    ‘Course it wouldn’t stop people like me. 🙂

  6. How long do you guys think they are going to let this nonsense go on? Please get on with your lives and forget about what so and so is saying or doing. It was all in fun for awhile but good grief!

    Parodies, parodies of parodies, mocking, jeering. Some lot of adults we have here.

    If you have a smart ass comment about what I just said feel fee to email me. The address is right here. Otherwise, go on about your lives for crying out loud.

  7. Hello … comment has nothing to do w/ the subject but I always wondered about the following:

    When checking hits…why are some host #’s ‘UNRESOLVED’? What does that mean?

    Hope you don’t mind my asking.

    : )

  8. Monstergal, I bet I can answer that one before Matt and Steve can. They’re really busy, and I’m just a wanker.

    "Unresolved" hits are from connections that have never made hits to the diary before. It takes a little while for first time connections to become "resolved",or show up on the Hit List as actual numbers, so until they do, it looks like you’re getting a bunch of hits from a single place, where it’s usually a bunch of places lumped together under "unresolved"

    Matt, Steve, Les, was I right? Say while you’re twiddling with those comments, could you do something about that "IRRITATING"&quot&quot problem.

    And could we have colors in the comments again, and different kinds of fonts and sizes, and A HREF and Bolds and Italics there, too? Pretty Please?

    LOL. Hey, at least I’ve only written one DD@abuse letter this week.

  9. I would hate to be limited to just 5 comments a day. I can see the logic,,,,,but a person could use different names for example Jamisinc, Jamisinc1, Jamisinc2 so on and still comment many many times. But I make legit comments nomally not more than 5 a day. But on a day that I would want to I hope we can continue to have the privelege.

  10. LOL….this diary has become so interesting and popular, its gonna land up in the top 10!!!

    now, wouldnt that be funny!!


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