Three Hours of Downtime

I get to make the negative announcements on here all too frequently 🙂 Still, it’s not all that negative so don’t panic 🙂

We suffered a roughly two and a half to three hour downtime today, in US time this would have been from around 14.30 until around 17.30 (very much ‘ish’).

Upon us discovering the server was not responding we called the service provider and had them reboot the server. It came back up and we ran some sanity checks across the machine to make sure all the data was OK and then brought the web servers back up.

If anybody does see anything strange in their diary please let us know as soon as possible – however the verification checks found no errors with the system so I would say this is extremely unlikely.

As far as we can tell it’s all back up and running and it looks like it’s running a lot faster too, so the reboot hasn’t done any harm 🙂

Matt and Steve