Those who would parody. Or mention other diarists.

We’ve had enough. No really, enough now. This whole parody lark with various different users pretending to be different people and third persons getting in on the fights and such like is getting just too difficult for our tiny heads to keep up with, and to be frank, why the hell should we?

We are therefore left with a few options;

1) Public diaries must be Premium Accounts. At least then we’d be getting paid to look after the kindergarten.

2) Close the site completely cos at the moment its not much more than a thorn in our sides.

3) Open the site completely and say its a free for all. (Much like all the other diary sites out there). This would mean we quit responding to ‘abuse’ type emails unless they come from a lawyer, and since the US privacy laws and recent case law indicate that we don’t have to give out details even then, probably we wouldn’t bother.

4) Tighten the line and simply delete without warning any diary entry that references another diarist whether directly or indirectly if it gets complained about.

Beware the double edged sword of number 4, since even the more innocent amongst you risk losing entries.

Number 5, of course, which doesn’t even bear mentioning in the list because its so unlikely to ever happen and that is that everyone grows the hell up. To be fair though again its only a few who aren’t grown up sucking in the rest.

You all read the terms and conditions before you sign up. You all know identifying other diarists or real people isn’t allowed. Yet still you write parody entries, and make insane references to other people whether or not they should be dragged into anything.

Go change your nappies people. We’re not putting up with it any more. We haven’t decided which option we’re going for yet, but I am scheduling a meeting with Matt and Les to decide. Incidentally, it was Matt that SMS’d me this morning to suggest option 1 because its HIM that pissed off with the minority who make it bad for the majority. So well done guys, you got to Mr Placid as well. I never knew anyone less flappable than Matt, but you succeeded. Congrats.