There are limits

I have received too many complaints about a certain, nameless diarist, that I have had to (at least temporarily) revoke our non-interference strategy that was invoked some months back and have made the diary private. I am in discussion with the author and await their response – though I’m not sure I hold out much hope for a successful outcome.

So, with that in mind, I’m writing this entry to let people know that, although we won’t intervene in personal disputes between people, if your diary offends enough (an arbitary figure, depending on what mood I’m in and the case itself!) of our users, we’ll still get involved in an admin capacity and potentially remove it, make it private or move it to the adult genre, or, in the case of repeated offences, request the assistance of your ISP (yes, forget anonimizers and things, we can trace you) or at worst, the assistance of the police.

Despite our less than enthusiastic responses to requests to help in personal disputes, we still won’t tolerate such flagrant abuse of our Terms and Conditions.

4 thoughts on “There are limits”

  1. Good on you!!!!!

    I for one found that diary so so very bad!!

    I know one could say, dont like, like read….but hey, that doesnt stop the fact this person is racist, sexist and down right RUDE!!!!

    Maybe I shouldnt be looking at ADULT MATERIAL….but hey, the only obscene thing in it was a his lack of knowing any other words apart from F*** and his thinking females were for one purpose on this earth!! Anyway, public site isnt it?

    I hope it never returns!!

    It was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy over the top!!


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