The Twins are Gone

This is another poem submitted to us from a user of the system, many thanks to them for it. I think we probably have enough to make a tribute page from the poems but by all means keep them coming in if you have the urge to write, we’ll use all that we get.


with wings of steel

a sight unreal

those talons

pulling out

entering gallons


a sight that burns

branding nations

this terrorist mark

“I’m dying”

“I love you”

and tears

for years not lived

snapped away.

what price a life

someone’s wife

a husband gone

a father, a son

The World Trade


in senseless tirade

broken bricks

a rising flame

nothing ever to be the same

America is no fool

the terrorist will not rule

the twins are gone

but life will, and must, go on.

© copyright Annie McLean 13.09.01