The Server, and some Progress

We’re going with DigitalNation (A verio company, as they like to say, over and over again) and their DedicatedServers service, we’ve sent all the paperwork off today along with credit card info so we should have the server ready to install DD onto in a week all going well.

Steve is now starting to get the hang of Perl so as you can see from the bug lists he is getting his hands dirty and going in and clearing out a few bugs, with his efforts last night he cleared just about all of the ones that have appeared recently bringing us down to only 3 or 4 remaining bugs so we’re clearing the faults out gradually.

The configuration interface is still on its way, it’s taking quite a while because every time I think I’m done with a screen I come up with some more things that should be on there because it makes no sense for them not to be, and then I get to a point there are too many things on the screen so it needs to be broken out to a few screens. But that said, I don’t think I have many more screens left to do now which means that the only major thing left to be done is to make the screens write out the configuration file again with the new information – and since much of that is generic hopefully it will slot together very quickly and start working.

It was annoying me that I hadn’t got the message editing working on the new editor so I’ve spend a few minutes and got that working properly so there’s nothing really important left to get done (other than moving forwards) to get the configuration stuff in now which is a major relief.

Once we have the configuration interface I can do the wizard version (which will just be a step by step walk through of each screen, perhaps with some options removed if it is in wizard mode) so it should be a couple of hours work at the most to get that done. Then it’s just a matter of running down the feature list and finishing off the features that we have decided are definitely going in for our initial go-live date (we are hoping for october 1st or 4th if we need the weekend). I’m confident that we should make the 1st with the development planned over the next few days.

The only external issues that are to be resolved at this point (either through our action or because we’re waiting on them) are:

  • The Server

  • The AdBanner Company – we want them in before we go live!

  • The Domains that will need transferring once the server comes up

    I’ll have to write some tests to beat up the server as well, to make sure that it is going to stand up to a beating, or to atleast get an idea of at what point it will begin to falter so we can bring online appropriate measures to ensure a 99.8% system uptime.