Support Requests In Comments

Please use the reader comment feature here to leave a support request ONLY as a last resort. If for some reason the HELP button at the top is not working, AND mailing [email protected] directly doesn’t work, then leave it as a reader comment.. Otherwise I either have to answer your question publicly and bore the socks of everyone else, or I have to trawl around to find your e-mail address and reply to you manually using my e-mail. Under normal circumstances that’s bad enough, but at the moment with the support level as it is, it’s pretty much insane trying to do that.

So please – I do appreciate all the problems that people are having, and I very much appreciate your patience while I’m making these changes. I also appreciate that you’re all just letting me know so that I can fix things as I get to them, but please could you do me the favour of using the HELP button (or email if the help button isn’t working). If I don’t reply within a reasonable amount of time, then feel free to leave a comment 🙂


P.S. Causingchaos, your diary looks fine to me – can you mail me with the url of the page thats wrong? Cheers.