Stuck For a Christmas Gift Idea?

If you’ve got friends at DearDiary who you’d like to buy a Christmas present for, check out the Plus Account Gift Voucher

The system won’t presently tell the recipient of your generosity (i.e. its an anonymous system at present) but of course there’s nothing stopping you from telling them who it’s a from. I may well add an option for saying who it’s from if people want it enough, but I wanted to get something up there before Christmas 🙂

Payments are through Paypal, which means if you don’t have money on a PayPal account, you can use your credit/debit cards. Accounts will be made into Plus accounts immediately your payment is received.

And there’s going to be some good reasons for becoming a Plus holder this coming year, so they’ll be thrilled with the idea that someone bought them a Plus account for Christmas!