Spam Reduction + T&Cs

I have received emails today that indicate somewhere approaching 50 spam diaries were set up today. Clearly that’s just ridiculous.

As such, despite still being in mid-exam fever, I have taken some time out to implement the Terms and Conditions system. When you next login (if you haven’t done so already) you will be presented with a Terms and Conditions screen when you next try to add a new post or administer your diary in any way. You will need to accept these terms and conditions before you can make a post. If there’s something you disagree with, do NOT just click accept – e-mail me using the Support button at the top of the front page and we can discuss it. However, if you’re a spammer and don’t agree with the antispam position, well, too bad 🙂

Secondly, I have also implemented signup questions which must be correctly answered before the signup process will complete. The questions aren’t that hard, hopefully. But if you aren’t a spammer and you get stuck, please drop me a line by using the Support link.

There is a potential side-effect and that is the migration process of course doesn’t ask you security questions, and doesn’t need to because it knows you’re not a spammer if you’re coming from the original site. On the other hand, the SYSTEM itself doesn’t know that you’re creating the new user as a result of the migration process rather than by the main screen, so I have had to make some changes to the migration process. If you migrate your diary and it tells you that you didn’t answer the security question properly, please drop me a line using the Support option above.

Thanks for your time!

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  1. So the bottom line is when my brains are scrambled I should call for help. Got it. 🙂

    Is it ok to hate spammers? lol

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