Spam Diaries

Hi everyone, just a quick note before I go off to study again for the week (the end of semester is in sight though) – I’m acutely aware that there are a number of ‘spam’ diaries being created on the site at the moment. As many of you will know, I recruited a number of volunteer moderators for the original DearDiary.Net site who had the power to remove and ban spam diaries.

Unfortunately, on the new site, that facility does not yet exist. But it will and it will be coming as one of my top priorities once semester is over (along with fixing up the apparently broken friends chooser!)

If you’d like to help moderate the spam diaries here, please leave me a comment (private if you like) below. An announcement will be made when the facility is ready 🙂

Thanks everyone for your patience while I go through these things, and a very busy semester at school!