Some help with Jabber

A bit more help for Jabber is needed I think!

When you first start it up, you will see the following:

[album 598 jabber-login.jpg notitle]

Click the ‘Create new Account’ link at the bottom if you don’t have a Jabber account on the system.

[album 598 jabber-newuserwizard.jpg notitle]

Fill in the details for the new user wizard, using as the server name that you want to connect to. Click Next, fill in the next page of information and then click the Finish button and it should create your account on the system.

[album 598 jabber-login.jpg notitle]

Next time you get the login box fill in your details as you signed up and ensure that is in the server box.

[album 598 jabber-firewallerror.jpg notitle]

If you get this error message then it possibly means that either your system can’t connect to our server or that there is a firewall stopping you from getting to port 5222 on our machine – check your ISP or your network admin to see if they can shed any light on it if everything else looks fine.

Let us know how you get on ! 🙂

(I’d show you more screenshots but the firewall where I am at right now specifically doesn’t let most things go through so I can’t actually get connected using Jabber from here 🙂 ).