Is back…

It uses a distributed system to perform the queries, so there may be times when the search system is down even though the rest of the site is functioning perfectly. That should get less and less as we bring more servers online (presently there’s only one :)).

But after much swearing and hacking, its now back and seems to be functioning well…

Anyway, you all wanted search back, so there you go, its back and the Google box is now gone… Feel free to leave your comments about it on this entry, but DONT leave comments that require an answer – use email if you want an answer!!


10 thoughts on “Search”

  1. I tried the new Search. It came up with the diaries I searched for, but wouldn’t take me there.
    It doesn’t bother me though, because when the Search stopped working, I got used to finding any diary I wanted by It works like a charm if you know the correct name to use.


  2. Hey Bro,

    Works like a charm. Any way we’ll ever get a date range back in there too? You don’t have to reply since you specifically said this won’t get any replies.


  3. Oh YEAH! I can’t wait to check it out. I shall sacrifice a small bottle of beer in your honors tonight. Maybe two or three small bottles of beer. It’s been a rough day.

  4. I love our search engine much better than Google, which often couldn’t find diaries under their names! Or found comments, but not the diaries. So glad our search engine is back! Thanks guys!

  5. YAY thanks.

    I cant connect to it.
    Cos its doooowwwwwn.
    But thanks LOL.

    Hehe Im SURE it will sort itself out later :o)


  6. I like using your new Search to find specific diaries, and I also like putting a * in the first field and a certain topic in the second field to find all diaries mentioning a certain topic, film, etc.

  7. Thanks for bringing SEARCH back. Things are much easier to find now. LOL!! Of course, I am not a computer whiz so "simple" is much better for me.

    Have a good one!

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