3 thoughts on “Request For Comments.”

  1. I agree that it is too much for one person to do. I’ll give it more thought, but one suggestion would be to form some sort of committee to handle such things. By gathering a group of users who are familiar with the system, you would have a democratic way to resolve disputes and determine if policies are being broken.

    Hope this helps!

  2. I agree with kaycee. Some sort of mini court. To decide what’s going on with the situation, and how to peacefully resolve it.

  3. Mmmmm.. Hard question. I personally feel the responsibility for who gets busted for what falls to the site owners and operators. Unfortunately, it’s their site, their web space and a service they offer. I’d be all for the idea of judge and jury except for one fact. Impartiality. It doesn’t exist in this forum. To many people dislike to many others. Even the way people have responded to a certain DD being absentee is indicative of that fact.

    I’m sorry, but impartiality is not possible. There’s to much sniping and cliquish behaviour to achieve that, so, still, it’s up to one or two people to determine how their site is run. Not the community as a whole. If so many of these people couldn’t even resolve their between user issues without resorting to petty name calling, not to mention the root of this issue, stalker like behaviour, then how would it be possible to gain a fair, court-like system?

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