Private Comments on Friends Only/Private Entries

From: musik
Date Posted: 8 Aug 2004
I think the point that was being made that comments should AUTOMATICALLY be private when the entry is private, otherwise people have to write all over their entries “Please leave private comments only” so that anyone visiting the page cannot see them and know what the entry may have been about.

At the moment if someone writes a private entry, the comments are automatically public and can be seen by anyone, unless they specifically write a private comment 🙂


From: alifelessordinary
Date Posted: 8 Aug 2004
Yeah, what she said 🙂

Although what you fixed is handy too *pats head* good boy.

Doing that will require a complete rewrite of the commenting system because at the moment comments apply to a particular date not a particular entry. Redoing that will need data migration of the old comments, interface changes to change how comments are left, database changes and a whole slew of programming and testing…

Make sure if you’re responding to a friends only entry, you tick the private comment box – at least I now fixed it so if you click ‘no let me do it again’ it won’t automatically make it public again!

That kind of changes to the comments system are not going to happen quickly…

3 thoughts on “Private Comments on Friends Only/Private Entries”

  1. woo yes actually now you say this I think you have said that before. ahh well we cant have everything!

    *pats you on the head and pops a sweetie in your mouth*

    good boy 🙂

  2. Possible comment improvements.

    Short of re-writing all of the comments system, I have some suggestions that could serve as a stop-gap and might be good enough for now, and do-able.

    Firstly – if there is a private entry already on that date, default the comment checkbox to Private Comment. That way, a person will have to explicitly make a comment Public – should reduce some mistakes.

    Secondly, revamp the Manage Comments feature, which is showing its age. Two things – (1) Add a feature to change a comment to Public or Private, instead of just deleting it under that control panel function and (2) add the ability to manage Private Comments. Right now – you cannot delete Private Comments, since they do not show up under the Manage Comments panel some or all of the time. This definitely feels like a bug.

    These two changes might help alot, in allowing user better control over privacy and the ability to hide comments that should be private.


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