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I (matt) was on ABC Radio National Sydney today, the show was ‘Night Club’ hosted by Libbi Gorr and it was on at 9pm Australian time (12:00 noon here in the UK). The topic of discussion was keeping diaries and also Dear Diary.NET to keep your diaries online.

It went well I think!

They put copies of the shows on their web site for people to listen to later on so feel free to have a listen, here’s the URL for Night Club:


The show I was on was the 9-10pm one, and Dear Diary was discussed in the first half.

I would like to thank Libbi Gorr, Kerrie Ross and everyone at ABC for the experience, it was a lot of fun!


15 thoughts on “On the Radio!”

  1. BOY howdee that was cool! After hearing the words DEARDIARY.NET so many times on the radio, i rethunk my idea of admitting i am really a 52 year old man from the north pole.

    What you said that I really liked, was the bit about writing down an emotion or felling or something and then what you might have passed up in the moment , but then having read it or writing it down in your own words gives the unique perspective of a lot more thought and consideration.

    For some that process occurs in the act of deciding what to write, and for some it comes from reflecting on the writing… for me i know its totally reflective cause i NEVER kow what the heck is gonna end up there… but

    you were right about that. its been a very fulfilling experience to watch your own self change and grow and stagnate…

    thank you so much for that . and for this site really!-Beth

  2. I just listened to the show and I must say it was really interesting! You did well speaking about DD and you really expressed well why we are all pouring our lives out here. Thank you! Gave me a lot to think about. ~Jen~

  3. Very cool interview. Bill Gates, huh? Interesting choice.

    BTW, I just noticed a new link on the News diary. Thanks for putting up the Fight Cancer link. I had not known about that. I’ll be setting it up on my computer soon.


  4. LOL, groovy. Hopefully that will bring in more traffic. I tried to access the interview clip but the site said it was having technical difficulties. Maybe someone will post the transcript.

  5. I just want to say…after reading Steve’s latest diary entry I’m sure glad that you were on the radio and not the telly. 🙂

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