Notify Fixed When Posting With Windows Client

I have now fixed the Windows Client (well the backend) so that when you now Post and Publish all the people on your notify list will actually be notified now. There is no mechanism to NOT notify through the windows client at this point in time, though if enough people want me to put the feature in I certainly will.

3 thoughts on “Notify Fixed When Posting With Windows Client”

  1. The Bloggar is great! Thanks for getting it together for us. I’ve got it for the family diary (Auri2003) and now will definitely go *Plus* with my personal diary, just getting a few pennies together.
    All the best
    from Thubten

  2. IT IS SO COOL that I can click on the names on the Friend’s List (under the Manage Friends option) and be instantly transported to their diaries! I just now discovered that capability. I think this way, of having a private friends list which one uses to go to friends diaries quickly, is so much kinder in many ways than a public display of such a list. Thankyou!

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