We are experiencing significant trouble getting e-mails out to various people at times. Unfortunately it would appear that the IP address of our e-mail server is on many blacklists around the world which would tend to suggest that the previous operators of the address were spammers.

The only way for me to fix it is for me to go through the mail rejection logs and contact the administrators of the myriad of different anti-spam services and get them to remove us from their blacklists.

This will take some significant time investment so please patient.

If you’re on Hotmail or MSN you will need to find a different e-mail address – will not send to Hotmail or MSN addresses due to the incredible amount of ignoramuses who sign up on notify lists and then a year later decide they don’t want to be notified any more and instead of unsubscribing they just mark our e-mails as spam and get our servers blocked from sending legitimate mail to MSN/Hotmail.

Spam is a scourge… Anti-spam blocking lists seem to be becoming an even bigger scourge of late!

Anyway, I shall be working to clear the blacklists, but in the meantime if you’re not receiving notifies to your e-mail address, please try using a different e-mail address at a different provider.


5 thoughts on “Notifies”

  1. I have several Gmail invitations if anyone needs one.. just notify me.. and I’ll send them out..*(it is a free email service with lots of storage space and a good notification program.. )
    Thanx Steve!!

  2. Hi Steve,
    doesn’t make sense because I use my private email address and it also won’t let me ‘accept’ deardiary as a safe sender.
    What about gmail?

  3. I also have nearly 50 gmail invites I can use. Anyone is welcome to contact me at [email protected] to request one (I’ll give them out until I use them up). Let me know your dear diary name and the email address to send the invite to, and I’ll try to turn it around within 24 hours for you.

  4. Good luck on getting DD off those lists. I found yahoo mail putting some of my notifies in the bulk email bin. I promptly had clicked it as "not spam". I hope that if someone is reading this that they check thier bulk email messages and be sure to mark as "not spam". DD has done so many people a huge favor by providing us an awesome place to express ourselves and the least you could do for them is be sure unspam those messages and leave a message for the administrator like I"m about to. Alone, it’ll probaly be ignored, but they can’t ignore us all.

  5. I usually get my message at my Yahoo! account okay, but like tinoz said, sometimes Yahoo! makes a mistake. I click those as Not Spam, too.

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