Non Scrolling Editor Inputs

For some time now people have been struggling with inputing their entries onto DD – at least it seems that those who were using the HTML editor and IE8 were having issues.

I think there was an incompatibility with the old HTML editor which for some reason was only showing for users of IE8. Unfortunately I don't have IE8 to test this on, but I have installed the latest version of the CKEditor widget for use on DearDiary and I'm using it to type this message (in Firefox on a Mac, but at least it's working on that platform!) so please give it a go and if you had trouble before, let me know if this fixes it for you.

If it doesn't fix it, I'll have to dig deeper – but I hope it does, cos I dunno where I'll end up digging to if it doesn't!

Thanks for your patience and sorry it took so long!


4 thoughts on “Non Scrolling Editor Inputs”

  1. It fixed it for me, Steve. Thanks so much!!
    I don’t have IE8, but whatever it was that was causing the problem is gone now.
    Thanks again!
    Hugs, Tiggs

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