New service

AtomIC Systems are proud to announce AtMail – AtomIC Mail.

Many of you have asked about how to access your e-mail, and many of you have expressed an interest in being able to pick up DearDiary.Net email via the web, from AtomIC Systems. Well, now you can.

In order to receive mail to your AtMail account, you will need to login to your DearDiary account, click on the Personal link in the Members Button Bar, and select the ‘Send to AtMail’ option for the Delivery Method. Click Save Details, and any mail to [email protected] will then be delivered to your AtMail account, and can be retrieved by logging in at the URL above.

If you have any questions please mail us at [email protected]

Please note: This is a very early access version of the AtMail software – there are numerous and many features planned, including address books, sending of attachments, themeable interface and perhaps other things, so if you have any suggestions please let us know.

4 thoughts on “New service”

  1. Ps. thank you for all ur work..ur greatly Appreciated, it should definitly have a spell check.
    *innocently smiles*
    not that i’ll need it.
    *looks around nervously*

  2. Okay Umm I’m not sure if you really would like this here or not… but I have no idea where else ta put it…
    Okay first i would like to say that i really do like your site. i like the look and everything of it! its really great. however i have a suggestion but I don’t really know if you would want to do this or not.. or if you would even concider changing your programing… uh anyhow… I belong to another diary site.. wich i enjoy very much as well. however they are goin down the tubes and out of all the other sites i looked at yours is truely the best. however there site is a bit more user and note friendly… now i know there is no way you would combine with them… but they have a ton of readers and i have told them of your wonderful site as well… but i was wondering/suggesting that you guys/girl/umm people make your site a bit more user friendly.. i guess to really understand what I am talkn about you would have to go to the site there free site has had so many problems but i do love there entry tables and how there note set up is… I like how you have the ability to hide notes though… but i can’t figure out if you have a way to have link to the note leavers diary… and also you have no random button that can be easily clicked to browse diarys besides the main page do you? Yes I admit I am new but I can’t find any of these things… so i am just offering my opinion… and I’m really sorry if you didnt want this in a note but i couldnt figure out where to email my suggestion to even though you have so many email address. but please if you get a chance check out how has there diarys set up because i think there are many here that would like the option to set a diary table in that form and the diary notes… Thanks for taking the time to read this and sorry again if you didn’t want this here



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