New Feature

As requested, it is now possible to leave Private Comments.

When you leave a comment you’ll see a new tickbox, which if you tick it, means that ONLY the author of the diary can read the comment.

In order to read the comment, the diary author will need to login, using the login button at the top of the page, as if they were going to add an entry… In theory, the rest should be simple 🙂

Give me a shout if you get stuck or have any questions,


15 thoughts on “New Feature”

  1. *another pesky idear*
    Was wondering — maybe fer ppl who don’t want private comments — to have an option to turn it off like you can Unauthenticated comments…?
    (although I wouldn’t use this feature ~ some ppl might)


    ummmmm…. i fergot wot i waz gunna say.

  2. I, along with my faction, wish to ask for a special checkbox for our fans to check in if they are female or not. This will make it easier for us to prey upon the weak and the innocent.

  3. I have a problem, I recieved an e-mail saying i had a comment on my most recent entry then when i clicked on the link in the email it did take me to that entry with readers comments on but there was no comment. You can e-mail me what you think is happening. Thank you.

  4. Hi guys:)
    that was really cool thing (refering to privet omment thingy)

    anyway i noticed omething… about the pop-out or pop-in …hmmm… anyway.. about them /// I can never see them becaue they usually free my screen and in other times they just appear as a white box… does anyone else have this problem or is it just me:P

    anyway.. again… GOOd job *thumbs up*

  5. Actually, I just dropped in to say "hi" to Steve and Matt….Matt, what’s going on in your world? I miss our little chats. Have a great, great week, guys! 🙂

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