More on Spam

I have discovered some useful information regarding the recent spam attack, and have put in place some extra countermeasures that, at least for now, have enabled me to switch the Last 10 Updates and new users back on.

If you discover further spam please let me know the username as soon as possible so that I may act to remove it. I can’t guarantee that my changes will have solved the problem, but they may delay further spam from arriving.

Thanks to everyone for their patience!

8 thoughts on “More on Spam”

  1. I think this is a good idea. I’ve been visiting this website for a long while although I only signed up recently and it is a bit annoying to click on a ‘diary’ only to realise it’s an advert, posing as a diary. I hope you manage to find a solution soon :).


  2. When I was on the home page about an hour ago, ALL TEN latest updates were spam! I don’t know about them really advertising anything specific, though. The only one I bothered to look at was just a lot of nonsensical yammering with links to random blogs thrown in. Weird.

    Anyway, thanks for your ever vigilant protection from the unpleasantries of the interweb.


  3. i could see them dominating the recent updates. one can tell by the titles and the diary usernames. with 2-3 entries in it.

    how about disabling/blocking them from their IP addresses. i dont know how you can do that. but hey, i know you can.

    spam those blots! they are nuisances.

  4. It is rather annoying to see DD dominated by commercial diaries disguising themselves as diariests, anybody can clearly tell the difference!

    Keep up the exhausting good work!


  5. A whole bunch of spammy-looking names and titles on the front page:


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