More on Internal Server Errors

The investigation into internal server errors is still ongoing, I think it is basically down to the libraries that are used to talk to the database server, but pinning it down is proving ‘interesting’.

I’ve also had some comments that notifications are taking a while to be delivered on occasions. I have looked into this and on all occasions it has been Hotmail or Yahoo returning a ‘I am too busy try again later’ response.

2 thoughts on “More on Internal Server Errors”

  1. Except me, I use AOL as my primary e-mail purely because hotmail is so faulty with a lot of automatic mailings.. I only just got a notify for a comment on a a dec 10th entry that was actually left on dec 11th (CatControlled), and it’s the first comment left yet I got the 2nd dec 11th comment notify (LyteWyng).. Bizarre!

  2. I haven’t run into many of the internal service errors, but it appears that if you click the "refresh" button on the browser, said error will correct itself.

    A stopgap until you get things cleared up. (And thanks once more for your hard work!)


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