More information

Hi folks,

There’s a few things I’ve changed on the server, security wise. This means that its possible I’ve overlooked something and things that worked yesterday suddenly don’t today.

PLEASE mail us if you find something. Don’t assume someone else will, because they won’t. We’ll be running around, in and out of the site for most of the day, but I may well (and often do!) miss the obvious things.

When you let us know, please try to be as specific as possible as to what you’re doing and what its saying. It will help me enormously if you could do that.

At this moment in time I think we’re dealing with a MySQL bug in that it is getting itself wound up in a knot. However, its possible, as at all times, that its a denial of service attack. Further measures are in place to enable us to see exactly whats happening, next time it happens. Sadly, as is often the case with this sort of error, you can’t tell you have fixed it until it goes wrong again. The absence of it going wrong doesn’t necessarily mean you fixed it! So, we have to be patient and trust that the extra measures will help us pin it down next time.

With that said, one of the changes I made to the database (which actually merely revert it to the old, and I have to say, expected behaviour) may just fix it on their own. But failing that, the databases now have MUCH better data seperation and security in place, which was a need move anyway.

My apologies again for the problems. It seems it will never end, even when you get a nice whizzy server!