MOO now running.

For anyone that remembers, and those that don’t but fancy learning or playing, we are now running a MOO on 8888

Please note, the MOO is there purely as a bit of fun, is completely unsupported, might not always be available, may drop you unexpectedly (its not running on the main server), may be harmful to fish, might cause divorce especially if you use it too much and above all else you may not mail our support address requesting assistance! (OK, you can, but don’t be upset if its ignored).

If you want to learn about MOO and what it is, if you don’t already know, go to Google and type ‘what is MOO?’ and read 🙂

The MOO’s there as some fun for us, and we are happy to share it, but its not an official AtomIC product.

If you want a client for MOO – try

Again, we’ll try to answer questions, but on a fun basis. If you’re interested in helping us build a game environment, drop on by. I’m DeLancie and Matt is NeutronIC. (Your AtomIC account is NOT transferred automatically, but please try to match your usernames if you do join the MOO)

2 thoughts on “MOO now running.”

  1. A MOO? But, I’m just now getting over my MUD addiction! Ack! First addicted to DD and now this?

    Oh well, what a way to go. 🙂


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