Missing Entry + Photo Protection

First up, the missing entry mystery really isn’t much of a mystery – I posted a link to another site and then I took it down after a comment pointed a couple of things out to me that made me feel about -> = <- that small 🙂 So, forget that entry was ever there 🙂

Ok, moving on.

Further in the discussion of Photo Protection – Ladilizbet has posted a URL to a site that prevents downloading of their pictures. I’ve taken a look at it and they’re just using a very basic right-click disabler. I was able to circumvent that to download images very quickly and without any tricks or special tools or even all that particuarly special knowledge. There was also no preventing me from using a screen capture tool either (though, there will be nothing that I am aware of that will prevent such a thing anyway).

If anyone has any more ideas on the subject, they’d ofcourse be appreciated.