Message files now stored in database

Hi all,
    I've been busy today and managed (I think) to switch the system from using files for storing the various messages into using the database to do the job. Ultimately this will remove over 280,000 files from the filesystem – but that won't happen until I'm happy that the new system is working properly πŸ™‚

So please let me know if you make an update to any of your messages and it doesn't stick.

Bear in mind though, that entry header and entry footer may not show up immediately because of the caching in your web browser. So before submitting a fault report, make sure you've pressed CTRL-Reload (CMD-Shift-Reload on OSX Chrome) to ensure you really are asking for the latest version from the server.

11 thoughts on “Message files now stored in database”

  1. I am the last person who should comment because I’m not particularly up to speed on all the goodies out there. However I do have an opinion about some things so here goes.

    What I like best here at DD is that each entry is on a separate page. And when I make more than one entry in a day they are in chronological order from the top of the page. It is a more natural way to read things; it is orderly and makes sense. Order works for me so you might guess that I absolutely hate blogs where I have to scroll down a page to read the older entries and then work my way back to the top. Its all backwards and it bugs the socks right off my feet.

    Each of us is unique and DD allows us to express that in our own way. Thankfully this is not a cookie cutter kind of place so you might also guess that I love the fact that I can customize the look of my diary to suit me.

    I suppose there are some whiz-bang things out there that might be fun, but I would hate them if I lost the things I love.

    So I guess my opinion boils down to this; if you can keep the good stuff and add a little whiz-bang go for it. Whiz-bang does seem to draw people in. πŸ™‚

  2. I kinda like it but that’s how I am about any kind of change. I resist at first but then I come around. I’m open to whatever people think is best. Just made my diary available and not ‘friends only’ as I think that’s how we all got to know eachother and people wrote more when we could access eachother. We can always make ‘friends only’ entries which is nice. I have a lot of pics on Hamipiks I can delete. You do a great job here. Thanks for all the hard work.

  3. Personally I like DD just the way it is. Only thing that keeps me form updating more regularly is that annoying thing called ‘reality’ that keeps getting in the way… but I don’t think you have a fix for that πŸ™‚

  4. I really like DearDiary the way it is. I wouldn’t keep hanging around if I didn’t like it =) Some more whiz bang stuff might be fun but I don’t really want it to change dramatically.

    Someone mentioned in the previous entry that it would be really good if we could reply to comments at our own diaries. I agree – I think that would be really useful and could generate some discussion. Something like the way Livejournal does comments would be good.

    Anyway, good job on getting through this database stuff you’ve had to sort out and good luck with the server move =)

  5. As usual, thanks for all your hard work.


    I rather like DD just the way it is, but agree that commenting on comments would be handy for answering questions some people might ask about something you wrote, rather than going to their diary and answering them or making another entry to do so.

    In some ways, DD is unique on the internet. I actually tried Live Journal for a while and absolutely despised it. Too impersonal. Awkward to read. Chaotic to navigate. Ick.

    I agree with InStitches, the one page entries ROCK as far as logical reading goes. It’s also easier to find entries with the calendar IMO.

    I have been putting a link to my entries on my Facebook page so friends who are not on DD can read my diary, but I only have 18 friends so that is not much help in the ‘getting DD out there to the world’ department. I only use Facebook so I can play Farmtown. There. I have admitted it! Ha!

    I too would like to see more activity on DD. But I have to say, the people we DO have here seem to be of the more introverted thoughtful type of person who doesn’t want to ‘let it all hang out’, if you know what I mean. And I’m glad we have a place to write where we feel comfortable.

    I’m thankful that you are willing to keep this place up and running even though it is small compared to the megaliths out there.

    Yikes,I’m writing a book!

    Oh yeah, I already did that and posted it on DD!

    Love ya dude.


  6. I’m having a little problem with today’s update – I’m relatively sure I’ve got the html for the images coded correctly but they don’t display. The picture source is Hamipiks, and the pictures seem to have uploaded correctly. I don’t know if it’s related to the upgrade or not, but if you know of anything that could have affected this let me know. – Sal

  7. Uh – just ignore the last comment. Sorry Steve.

    As for a WordPress kind of system, I’ve never used WordPress so I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other. I’m not too concerned about how this site works, so long as I can continue to customize. I’ve grown fond of the look I’ve been using here for nearly the past decade and would hate to lose it.

    The stuff I want is more superficial – the ability to view ISP numbers of comment sources and ban their ability to comment, maybe the ability to use html in comments for pictures and links, and maybe make the customizer a little more user-friendly (there’s still some glitches in the menu section, that sort of thing). I’ve been here for so long that big changes would really throw me!

  8. OK -this one is real. My "tomorrow" (next entry) option has disappeared from my diary pages. I’ve tried refreshing and dumping my cache, but it remains among the missing.

  9. I agree with those who’ve said they prefer the logical top-to-bottom order of multiple entries on DD. I also use LiveJournal (reluctantly, and only because so many of my friends do) and I hate their bottom-to-top ordering – you’re constantly having to scroll up and down the page to read anything in a coherent order.

    I do like their threaded commenting system, though – it’s easier than having to leave a reply on the commenter’s diary, and means that other people can also follow the conversation.

    I have used WordPress for a blog I help manage at work, and while it’s nice to have all that customisability, it also takes a huge amount of work to tweak it to what you want. One of the things I like about DD is that you don’t have to waste all day fiddling with things to get it looking good. Which means you can concentrate on the content πŸ™‚

    Finally (because I also seem to be writing a book here!) the reason I don’t update as often as I used to is nothing to do with DD – it’s just life that keeps getting in the way.

    ^ ^

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