Matt's response :)

I’m posting this as an entry because Matt asked for it, and he’s less of a fiery temper driven twit than I am, so perhaps this helps the politically sensitive who will no doubt have objected to my last entry 🙂

Hi Danielle,

Many questions! I’ll try and answer them all as best as I can!

Danielle> Can one get a subscription JUST to the pic upload part?

The subscriptions are for ‘Atomic Systems’, not for any one site in

particular – so if you subscribe then you have access to all of our

sites for the one price, including any future sites we bring on.

There is no discounted rate for those only wishing to sign up for a

single site, we’ve tried to get the subscription costs as low as

possible though.

Danielle> What is the owners offical stance on these parody diaries? Some

Danielle> of the language is very offensive, even allowing comments about

Danielle> killing minorities and such. And is it only okay because those

Danielle> being attacked are gay and a man who wears makeup and dresses

Danielle> in drag?

We have no opinion on Parody diaries – people can write diaries on

whatever they like. If the person or persons being parodied complains

to us then we will investigate and to date we have received no

complaints from people being parodied. I have received one complaint

from someone regarding the comments on probably the same diary that you

are referring to and I have emailed the person involved and requested

they either remove the comments or hide the entry they are on.

The comments that are written are not the problem of the diarist

(whether they are parodying or not), however it is the responsibility of

the diarist to remove any comments that are against our Terms and

Conditions. My suggestion to you is that you politely email the diarist

in question (provided they show their email address ofcourse!) and let

them know that somebody has posted an inappropriate comment that you

feel goes against our Terms and Conditions. If you get an unsatisfactory

response from the diarist then contact us and we will take it up with

them ourselves.

As to language being offensive – we don’t have any restrictions on that

(although in the next release we’ll be adding a ratings system so that

you are atleast aware of the kind of diary you are about to be presented

with). Again, anything going against our Terms and Conditions we would

recommend you talk to the diarist and if you do not feel your problem

has been dealt with satistactorily then please do contact us so that we

can take the matter up with them as well.

Our terms and conditions, for your reference, are here:

We have no opinions on the people being parodied and for the most part I

take absolutely no interest what so ever. I have no idea who NastyNick

really is, and I’m only aware of his parodying ReallyRick – but that’s

just from once or twice I happened to see his diary on the Recent

Updates. and those entries were no problem to me. We have over 5100

diaries on the system now and as much as you might consider it a ‘cop

out’ I’m afraid we can’t monitor everything that goes on.

We prefer it if users can sort out their ‘differences’ between

themselves, we’re only a couple of people that do this site and we’d

much rather spend our limited time developing and improving the websites

than trying to resolve differences of opinions and the like.

Bottom line though, if it’s within our Terms and Conditions then it’s ok.

If you disagree with our Terms and Conditions then let us know what you

disagree with and why, or if you believe it is not encompassing enough

and we’ll investigate.

Danielle> I think that this diary should not be listed in the Top 10

Danielle> Diaries because it is bascially just a FAQ diary and stuff. My

Danielle> opinion.

The diary is our system diary, not really an ‘FAQ’ diary as such – it’s

here as an information resource so that people can be aware about all

additions, changes and so forth that are made to the system.

I removed my own diary from the Top Ten for various reasons (one of

which is that it’s being spammed by a Search Engine robot constantly and

i’m receiving about 10 times more hits than the current number 1 per

week) and I’ll discuss with Steve about removing the system diary from

the Top Ten and placing it elsewhere on the front page. I believe it’s

important that some link to the diary be on the front page but it’s

certainly not necessary for it to be in the Top Ten.

Thank you for your questions and comments,


On the subject of DearDiary1 diary in the Top 10 I am quite happy for it to be removed. The ‘News’ button is the link to it anyway.