Living without Search

Seems like a few people have become quite attached to Search, so i’ll try to help you learn to live without it until we get it back online again 🙂

Replace “username” in the areas below with the username of the diary you want to go to.

Firstly, you can go directly to any diary you like as follows:

Alternatively you can go directly to the newest entry someone has written as follows:

Make a new folder in your Favourites for diaries and diary entries, then whenever you see a diary or entry you like, bookmark it.

That’s all I can think of for now – if you have a question about how you can still do what you need to without Search then ask and we’ll see if we can come up with an answer – hopefully this has answered your questions Rosebud?


9 thoughts on “Living without Search”

  1. OK, I understand it is turned off, but is there another way to go read someones entry? I assume through a link if someone has linked it to theirs, or else grab it as it floats past the recent updated ones> Any other method? Or use your notification records?


  2. awwww, thanks Matt!!
    I was missing a few I wanted to read, so thanks heaps.
    Anyway..its past my bedtime(yawnsssss) so it will have to wait till the morning.
    Thanks again

  3. Of course, that doesn’t help if you don’t remember exactly what the user name was. Witchgrl led me on a merry chase until I remembered there was no "i" in girl!

    Still, desparate times call for desparate measures. I displayed a week’s worth of entries and then scrolled down until I found her!

  4. Another method….

    go to secret hugger diary as she/they have written about many diarist. cLICK on the links!!

    LOL, but it isnt called secret hugger diary anymore.Think I better go do a search for the new name!! LOL

  5. Just a question.

    Is there a LOGOUT button anywhere? I use the computers at the library and once I login to DearDiary it keeps me. I would like a way to logout so no one else can stubble on my page and change things.


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