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A plea

Hi guys,
    I know it's been a long time since anything has happened - and it's taken a lot of soul searching and internal dialogue (and some external dialogue with various people!) to come to this point - but I am now in a position where I have no choice but to ask for your help.

I don't even know how many people still read this!

Anyway, as you may or may not know, I left full time employment earlier this year to go back to school and get a degree in Paramedic Science - just for something different 🙂 (Those that follow my personal life will know that computers haven't been my full time desire for many years now and finally I took the plunge).

What this means for DearDiary.Net is that I no longer have sufficient income to keep propping it up. It's my own fault I'm sure the site could be quite a good revenue generator if it had some TLC applied to it. But it's a LOT of code that runs the site and rewriting it to use newer technologies has eluded me because of its size. Excuses aside, the plain fact is that I need to come cap in hand and ask for your support. The server DD runs on has been scaled back as far as it can go and still provide reasonably quick service. The server itself costs $80/month to host, and I use it for some personal projects which produce about $20/month in revenue.

That leaves me in the hole for about $60/month. So I have a choice - I can come to you, loyal, loving DD readers to ask if you can pledge a small amount each per month to keep the server running, or I can admit defeat and have to close up shop, at least temporarily (and really, if I did that, would anyone still want to use it when it came back?). Let me state quite clearly, this 'pledge' you'd be making won't get any extra features or fancy stuff happening, it's purely to keep the place open at the moment. I hope this would be a short term thing (if a couple of years is short term!) while I'm at Uni and then I can go back to supporting it financially myself.

Also, I'm looking at converting the entire site to a WordPress driven site. Initially that would mean a number of features you currently have wouldn't exist (such as Friends Only diaries) until I could code WordPress plugins for them. But given that the main engine for posting/commenting/feeds etc would be already done, the tinkering round the edges is more likely to happen than a total rewrite. Anyway, give me your thoughts on that.

Please give me a straw poll for who is prepared to pledge a little each month to keep the site going until such time as I can support it myself (or it can support itself through other means). If everyone who updates regularly can support us, it would only need $4/month or so to meet the target $60/month.

Sorry to have to bring this to you - I hope it doesn't upset anyone too much - I hate having to ask!



PS. If the future can be secured for the time being, I've set up a Google Groups discussion group. I'm not entirely sure how it works cos I haven't used Google Groups in ages, but anyway, if you want input into the future, lets talk there 🙂


Google Groups
Future Of DearDiary Discussion
Visit this group

Touched by your pledges!

In this entry I laid the situation we face on the line and I've been astonished by your responses. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and offers of assistance.

For those of you whose circumstances do not permit you to help, please do not feel bad. The time is simply not right for you and everyone has different seasons. Some can give, some can not - that is the way the world works and you should not feel bad because you're in a season where you can't give.

For those that can give, I'll give you a link at the bottom of this entry and you can choose how much you can donate. If you'd like me to add the donation to your Plus account if you have one (or would like your donation to make you into a Plus holder) then please include your username in the Paypal notes section so I can manually add you. If you pledged a monthly amount (and so far most people have said they'd prefer to donate just a one off payment to cover a month's running costs - which is astonishing and I can't tell you how honoured it makes me feel) I suspect we may need to setup a PayPal subscription or something, as the current DearDiary Plus billing engine can't do recurring donations except for Plus accounts...

Please click this link to provide your donation

For those who'd like to discuss the future possibilities for the site, including updating it to be more appealing to the masses, generating sufficient revenue to be self sustaining again, etc - please sign up to the Google Groups discussion I set up. It's kind of like a forum system where everyone can chat amongst ourselves and a record is kept for me to refer back to when I'm trying to make decisions about how best to do things!

You can Visit Our Google Groups Discussion here - or click here to donate

Finally, thank you to everyone who commented on the previous entry - you're all fantastic!

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