Labyrinths Questions

1.) My graphics and button designs aren’t showing up.:((( All I see are squares with x’s.

You’ll need to login to your diary and go to customize and change the userdata.sorted/L/a/b to be userdata.sorted/l/a/b as I have decapitalized all the directory names. Unfortunately I had to do that because Windows is not case sensitive and so it had placed some people in directories with capital even though their names were all lower case – and vice-versa. You’re actually using the images in a way that isn’t officially supported (but I shan’t worry about that for now) hence why unfortunately you’ll need to login yourself and do it… I ran a script to convert all the official ways (ie, using customizer rather than hardcoding your own HTML).

I notice though that your reader comment options on your diary have no images at all – is that what you would expect?

2.) My password is rejected on some diaries I tried to comment to. And I have attempted not less than three times.

Hmmm, I have successfully left reader comments for people at different diaries. Don’t forget that passwords are case sensitive and so Hello is not the same as hello. When you login to your diary to make an entry, are you prompted for your password or is your browser automatically filling it in?

Please reply to these questions by mailing me at [email protected] rather than via here, as not everyone wants to see this 🙂