We were alerted to a spurious database error by (many) email(s) about an hour ago. Checking the database revealed that it crashed, probably due to out of memory on the server, so something isn’t happy – but we’ll get to the bottom of that later.

Judging by the number of panic entries on the Recent Updates panel, I’d say a lot of people noticed…. Hopefully all your entries are now restored (in fact they were never lost, its just that due to the way we run our MySQL database, if it crashes hard, it corrupts the indexes and they must be rebuilt, otherwise it LOOKS like data is lost).

The index rebuild appeared to go smoothly, taking around 5 minutes of down time to complete.

Apologies for the problem, I’ve adjusted some settings that were a little over-zealous in the database, and hope that we won’t see it again. I’ll investigate further what went wrong tomorrow..


6 thoughts on “KERRANG!!!”

  1. Ya know, seems like every time Damselita mentions her conspiracy theory about FLURP something goes boom. Coincidence? *eerie music*


  2. Hey! What happened to my comment? I thanked you guys. I really did! I was the first one to make a comment. Really I was.

    [goes off and pouts in corner]

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