Just a Brief Update

Just to say that work is still continuing on the new server – who’d have thought a system that came from a Linux platform would take so much to get it back up and running.

But, in fairness, DD has had some new stuff (friends list for one) added since it was moved to Windows, and the Apache server is now Apache 2.0, rather than 1.3 (and finding a MySQL authentication module for Apache 2.0 was a challenge, and the one I found had to be modified to be used with our database).

But in any case, I’m mostly in a testing phase now, although I have a couple of pages that need to be totally rewritten but hopefully that won’t be too arduous once the rest is in place – and it mostly is now 🙂

So… Yeah. Just an update to let you all know I’m still here and still working on it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Just a Brief Update”

  1. Hail Oh Fearless Leader!

    "Yours is a Superior Intellect."

    (Points if you know what movie that is from…)

    Thanks for keeping us up and running smoothly.


  2. didn’t understand much of that, well any of it really, but i think it means that things are getting better…

    BTW is there any way of removing people who signed up as friends?

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