January Girl Question

Just wondering.. Is what Musik stated true? I mean would DD functionality really improve, or would you all be more concentrated to that end, if more people subscribed? I could start a grass roots campaign if that’s true.. I could make a web page and everything. ::grin::

Musik stated:
I guess if there were more Plus Users then there would be more incentive to work on DD functionality to improve it. Already a lot of work has been done to make DD more stable so it doesn’t crash all the time. Hours of labour is required to make these things happen.

What Musik said is absolutely true. Hours of labour is needed to get anything done on DD, and hours of labour is something that I just don’t have when they’re better spent on more profitable past-times.

Having said that, equally I can understand that a) not everyone can afford it and b) there’s not a HUGE amount on offer for Plus Users at the moment. I’m working on integrating some photo album software to replace Hamipiks at the moment but that is likely to require a switch back to a Linux server to run properly (and the photo album software I plan on using is actually VERY good indeed). There is a fairly strong likelihood that will happen but I have to plan out the least disruptive way of doing that.

I then have some plans for other stuff, but again its a case of fitting it in around stuff that does actually pay me in my spare time and again it probably requires a switch to Linux…

Stuff is happening at DD but its a lot slower than we might like simply because of funding.


4 thoughts on “January Girl Question”

  1. Maybe you could just focus on getting more advertisers to run banners for the non-premium members to have running across their screen. Some game sites make all their money from the advertising banners. They do not make their money off their members. At least that is what I was told by one successful game site when I asked them how they pay for their own support.

  2. just a quick suggestion, could any comments left on a ‘friends only’ entry automatically be private?

    i’m not the only one to mention this, as it crops up when a diarist makes a friends only entry and people leave comments that clearly say what the entry is about, even when the diarist has said to leave private comments only.

    any way to get round this?


  3. The problem with private comment entries, I think, has to do with the way comments are implemented, from what I recall learning a while back with regards to another comment related questions.

    Specifically, comments are tied to a, for-lack-of-a-more-precise-answer, "date" rather than a given entry – that’s why when you move an entry to another date, the comments are left behind.

    To really implement this functionality, the comment system would have to re-worked to tie comments to specific entries, and then give them their own "visibility" switches.

    A quick and dirty alternative would be to make comments for a page private if there are any entries on that page which are Friends Only – but that would be a hack, of course and would need to sync comment with entry privacy status.

    Or have things changed, since last I asked?


  4. Eli is absolutely right about why it is not possible to make comments work the way you would like. The whole comments system would need to be (and should therefore be) completely overhauled..


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