In response to SmashHeather

And others who don’t have the courage for reasoned discussion 😉

! ! ! This is ridiculous ! ! !

I agree with Marcelle 100%. People have to be prepared to deal with some nasty comments, or they shouldn’t allow comments at all. I cannot begin to tell you all what whiny pains in the neck you are being.

I turn it 180 degrees to you and state that people should not use our site if they cant deal with the whiny pains in the neck we are being. These ARE our rules, this IS the way our site is run. If you can happily state that people should not allow comments if they don’t like nasty ones, then we, by that very same right, can state that you should not use our site if you don’t like the fact that we won’t allow people to be abusive.

It is never OK to be nasty to someone. Never. It is even worse to be nasty to someone and pretend to be someone else or not have the balls to stand up and be counted for your view. Our system is NOT about stopping comments that might offend due to reasoned discussion. It is about stopping people pretending to be other diarists, leaving inflammatory comments in OTHER PEOPLES NAMES. I challenge you to find any good anywhere in the fact that someone could have previously left a comment on someone’s diary, with your diary user name and email address and there was NOTHING you could do about it.

Indeed, that very same person could have made some very incriminating comments under your name, for which you would have the police, FBI or whatever the secret force is in your country investigating your every move. Just because they may not have got a conviction for whatever was placed under your name does not mean they would not have investigated every other area of your life closely and made things very uncomfortable for you.

Do you STILL think we are whiny pains in the neck? We’re trying to protect your innocence here. Get a grip on reality, or go somewhere where they don’t care how humans treat each other. Bosnia maybe?

Steve. (Matt may disagree, he’s away today :))