Important EMAIL Issue

The present setup for HamiMail (and AtMail if you’re an AtomIC user) will NOT forward your e-mails to your private address at the moment. The software has a problem which means that its not properly detecting loops, so if you’ve misconfigured your account to forward to private address but had your private address set to [email protected] (which isn’t a good idea anyway, for many reasons!) it would create a loop whereby the message would always be trying to be sent between Hamimail and the internet.

I do intend to fix it to restore normal service, but in the meantime please login to the web mail client to read any e-mail. You’ll hopefully be pleasantly surprised by how little spam there is in there now anyway 🙂 The address is of course, unless you’re an AtomIC user in which case you need


4 thoughts on “Important EMAIL Issue”

  1. I’ve got a question—why are there suddenly more pop ups than usual? I know that’s the bad part about being a non-paying heathen, but I seem to get four or five popups every time i visit the main page.

    Just wondering,


  2. Remind me again…did you mention that there will be a script to change all the Atomic-IC Album URL’s in the diaries to point to HamiPiks? I have a ton of absolute URL’s pointing to the current album in my diary and would need a way to change all those references to point to HamiPik’s, with the new changeover.

    Regular expresions script…here we go!

  3. I have stoped typing in the new. in the place of the www. and it seems to be fixed now and back to the way it was.

    However I have a question, is there a reason why I have started to get pop up adds like crazy while I am a paid member because I am getting a lot of them when I haven’t been getting any until just the last two days.

    Just wondering…..

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