IBill Problems

Hi All,

I just saw a news article on The Register regarding troubles at IBill.

The article is here – excuse the poor title that is in the true ‘style’ of The Register.

I’d just like to reassure everybody, as we use IBill for our premium subscription service, that none of our subscription options make use of the ‘rebill’ facility. This is for repeat subscriptions – eg. on some sites you sign up for a month and then it automatically deducts every month thereafter. This is not the case with Dear Diary, if you don’t specifically go back and do another subscription then your subscription will lapse and you’ll not be charged for anything.

As such, we should be immune from these problems and you can all rest easy 🙂

If however anyone does notice charges on their card that should not be there then send as much information as possible to us and we will go take a 2-by-4 to them and get the money refunded 🙂


4 thoughts on “IBill Problems”

  1. I’d also like to add that I’ve always found IBill to be completely and totally on the side of the consumer, from the few ‘we have had a refund request and honoured it without asking you first’ emails I’ve had.

    I’m not sure which sex sites Andrew has obviously subscribed to when he says he can’t cancel – but in any case, I’ve always found IBill to be definitely on the consumer side and not on the webmaster side. Which is, in reality, the way it should be too.

    But typical of The Register to get their facts and opinions mixed up…. To be honest, I find more truthful reports of things in the Sunday Sport. I shouldn’t be surprised if one of the owners of The Register also owns The Sunday Sport?

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