Hotmail address will no longer receive notifys from DearDiary.Net.

Too many people are signing up for notification of new/updated entries and then a few months later they forget that they’ve done it and instead of reading the message and following the instructions to remove themselves from the notify list, they’re marking the message as spam.

In doing so, they stop anyone else using this server from being able to send to Hotmail, and since this server runs a lot of services other than DearDiary it seems a little unfair that DD users should be able to block everything else from working properly.

Thus, if you have set your Private Email address to anything containing MSN or Hotmail, you will NOT get notified of anything. Including this.


6 thoughts on “Hotmail”

  1. That’s ok it gave me the shove to move over to gmail and hopefully that won’t block you. In the meantime I’m using a school address. What a pain.

  2. Um, so where do I change this setting in my diary, again? I’m having a total vague moment. I was wondering why I was no longer getting any notifies, at all. Thanks, I’ll change the setting as soon as I know how. 😉

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