What I read in 2008

Total: 154 books

January (14)

February (10)

March (12)

April (18)

May (13)

June (10)

July (15)

August (7)

September (12)

October (11)

November (15)

December (17)

What I read in 2007 (123 books)
What I read in 2006 (140 books)
What I read in 2005 (168 books)

What counts as a book?

3 thoughts on “What I read in 2008

  1. Your listing prompted me to check out my library’s website and count all the books on my reading history list for 2008. Yikes, I’ve read 276 books this year.

    I do other things besides reading, I swear! I knit socks, I make jewellery, I do lots of craft stuff, really. But it seems I read alot.

    Isn’t it wonderful? And a whole new year to read more! Happy 2009!

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