What I read in 2005

Total: 168 books

January (17)

February (17)

March (19)

April (14)

May (15)

June (16)

July (14)

August (9)

September (10)

October (13)

November (9)

December (15)

6 thoughts on “What I read in 2005

  1. Wow. That’s quite a list. Congratulations. Um, I guess I should actually release that book I got ready last week, right? lol

    RYC, RMC (lol) "Illiterate cat"? – I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!

  2. And – I never said thank you so much for the compliment! That is my first attempt at tesselation. I’m going to try something harder today… cross your paws for me.

  3. Nice list.. I really like the way you linked them all.

    I have read a few of those.. one by card though not ender’s game..

    I read Potter too.. and I loved the perfect storm.. I read DaVinci code when it first came out and then a few others along that line

    Ray Bradbury and elizabeth berg.. ? burg. no berg

    I read Exodus by Leon Uris.. Didn’t know this other one existed.. also generation exodus by walter Laqueur and the BBrigade by Howard Blum, but those were in 2004.. I read such a LOT of heavy stuff that year! Phew

    Oh and the yaya sisterhood.. so fun

    hay.. have you read the secret life of bees?? If you liked the yaya.. this is better! Soooo good. by Sue monk kid.. I thik that is how she spells it. she also has a second one out now.

    thanx for telling me about the bookcrossing.. how cool.. I just may join. I have over a thousand books.. sell mostly a year ago.. now I just dont’ get hits like I once did..

    enjoy and I’ll stop by again

    thanx for the great links.. I’ll be back

  4. Hi ya

    Trying to reconstruct my reading list for this year.. since I lost my data in ‘puter

    Guess it doesn’t really matter

    I know I have read some really good things.. but drat.. if I can recall them all


    hope your spring is bright.

    I’m typing this on April… 18th

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