Expired Plus Users

I shall be performing a purge of expired Plus Users Hamipiks accounts within the next few weeks. If your account used to be a Plus account and has since expired, your pictures will shortly be removed unless you are going to re-Plus your account.

At this point I have no idea who will be affected because I’ve not looked too deeply – the pictures will NOT be backed up and will NOT be recoverable once they are deleted. But there’s a good chunk of diskspace taken up by people no longer paying for it.

I will be returning to the UK this weekend and as such won’t be around much for support issues until next Monday. With any luck the system will hold up while I am in the air 🙂


5 thoughts on “Expired Plus Users”

  1. So…A person can check the "Plus Users" list, to confirm if they’re slated for deletion of photos, right? If you’re not one, you’re gone, right?

    Still – If there was a way to hold off deletion until you could write a script showing what photos (img links to HamiPiks) are used where in your diary, so that you could host the photos elsewhere and fix broken diary entries before they get wiped, that’d be real nice.

    Or at least, an easy HamiPiks export script to get your stuff off quick, and then then the "diary scan" script later, to fix the broken links.

    Any possibility?

  2. I am fairly certain I know when my account expires, but I was wondering, do you send out a notify to to remind Plus Users when it is time to renew?

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