Customisation Goes Live

Well, last night we brought the customisation interface online into the main application. It’s still not 100% there, but we’re talking a couple of hours more development and test before we’re fully happy with it so it’s close enough that testers can start getting their teeth into it and finding bugs that we’ve missed (of which I have no doubt there are many).

We also found some issues with Netscape, it appears that if you have a background colour set, and a background image set, and it cannot download the background image (in this case because we had set it to ‘none’ which was a bug anyway heh) then netscape will part render the table cell in the bgcolor and part render it transparent. But, atleast we have found the problem now so when we see it we can fix it. There are a few other such bugs that we are finding along the ways so we’re getting there.

Steve is working on graphics for the tree browsing part of the customisation interface, and they’re looking pretty sweet at the moment – very simple and they do the job perfectly.

Once we have the last few issues with the configuration interface resolved I can start working on other features and bugs in the appropriate lists and start polishing off all the other bitty bits that are left, with the completion of the configuration interface we are a significant step closer to day one completion.