Customisation Beginnings

Well today I started work on the customisation facilities for the diaries. It’s now possible to edit some of those textual bits that are present so the test team should be able to begin to make their diaries that little bit more personal.

I’ve coded it in a generic way so adding new textual bits should be a doddle (ie. a Who’s Who type thing for people to say roughly who people that they refer to are, ie. i work with him, he’s my best mate, these are my parents, they had an accident last year etc etc).

It’s all in extremely rough look and feel, I still need to go and pull the header and footer code out of the viewer and make it an externally included file so that I only need to change it in one place for it to be changed everywhere. I guess that’s probably the next thing now that we’re up to something like 4 separate CGI’s.

The next puzzle piece that should get us most of the way to being ready is the user customisation editor – so that all those different preferences i’ve gone to great lengths to add in and keep generic can actually be edited by the users. I’m still not quite sure how to go about the user interface for this and since the L&F is Steve’s department we’re gonna have to butt-heads on this one to come up with the most user friendly solution we can as quickly as possible, I think the code behind it is going to be fairly easy once we’ve got the L&F softed.

That’s it for today, I think i’ll go look at getting that header and footer code ripped out next!