Connectivity Issues

We’re experiencing major database issues again, due to a significant bug somewhere in MySQL.

We’re trying various options to fix the problem, but please bear with us for a little while longer. The problem manifests itself as a sudden (and catastrophic!) slow down, which on the server itself is represented by a load average exceeding 100 on some occasions. Under normal load that number hovers around 0.8 to 1.2… That gives you some idea as to what the numbers represent at least. (100 renders the server almost unuseable).

We’ll let you know how we get on.


4 thoughts on “Connectivity Issues”

  1. Does it only affect the site’s running, or is there a chance it will affect data stored too, ie the actual diary’s themselves? Thanks guys.

  2. you know Jane.. I gotta tell you that personally I back up all the stuff I have written the HARD way… I ende up printing it out… Yes I know i need a warehouse to store it all… but at least i have the data there somewhere. We cant ever know for sure that what we write is totally safe and backed up unless we got in on paper in front of us… call me old fashioned.. but hey… call me old fashioned! Once i had tons of stuff stored on disks in a laptop backpack and the whole thing got stolen from me… BOOM. Months of work GONE.. now i keep everything ON PAPER also… sure i print about once a week… and the paper to print these thigs out is killing the rainforests for paper cause we all know i have those seventeen page entries… but at least one day if anything happens like "themestream" which wasnt anyones fault… I got it all. LOL.
    Onward and Upward

  3. I was just wondering, we can ban diarists for leaving comments in our diaries…. but what about bannign them from being there at all? what if we would want to ban a certain server??? Just a question, hopefully easily answered…. thank you for your time.

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