Confusing Diarist Names.

Some people don’t know when to stop do they?

A recent bunch of comments left by Lillith and Pring1es (note the variation on the name) were left by none other than NastyNick, who is, or shortly will be, banned for life from the server.

We will not tolerate this constant cat and mouse of trying to get some people to understand what we are offering with this service and what the acceptable use of the system is. Nick’s misleading use of someone else’s author name is clearly intended to cause harm to the original authors which is not allowed and he knows it. He’s banned. Congratulations, he has achieved his desire to be famous at last because he is the first ever to be removed from the system and unwelcome to come back.

So maybe finally we find, and have evidence enough to prove, who the troll here has been for a long time.

Apologies to Lilith, Pringles and anyone else who’s been on the end of misleading username comments left to the system. Anyone else using a deliberately similar name to leave abusive comments will be removed and banned from using the system as well.