Lets take these questions in comments one at a time;

  • Bickmea – answered above

  • DaveInBawlmer – I already deleted your diary and will return your money

  • Franny – You need to use your own personal judgement really. If noone complains you’re probably fine. If someone does complain about a specific entry we’ll request you make it private until such time as we have a system to mark specific entries as adult. Most cuss words are not (these days) considered adult. Even those that Dave has used in his comment probably aren’t. Though they’re borderline if used too much.

  • Franny again – If you have an AdultVerifier ID you can use it to access ANY and ALL adult diaries here, plus other 18+ sites. Its one payment. The Premium User is a seperate thing, purely because not all Premium Users are over 18 and because not all Premium Users WANT to read adult stuff.

  • coolmom – exactly. Correct. To be honest, the adult category is there for diaries that are specifically INTENDED to be graphic. They know who they are!

  • Atlas – If you must. But remember if its a public entry that could be used against you. The only thing we feel strongly enough about to actually actively report is any form of child exploitation.

  • Franny (again!) – You DONT have to shell out EACH TIME you want to read an adult entry. Its a yearly fee, for which you receive a specific user id, which grants you access to all adult diaries for the year. As many times as you want, and thousands of other sites too. Check for more details on exactly what you get for your money.

  • Miraclewhip – I fail to see how any animal obsession can be considered anything but deviant. Its not allowed here even if its legal in the US AND even if the US considers it a breach of the First Amendment if we ban it!

    I think thats it. At least for now.

    Ding Ding, seconds out, round two.