Choice of the Week

First off I’d like to apologise to all users for our lack of updates to the Choice of the Week, we received quite a few suggestions and a few comments about the lack of update so thank you to all who did write in to the [email protected] address.

As you can see this is now being updated again – but not by us! Katrina, a long-time user of the system has taken over this role for us. She plans on updating it once per week, on Fridays, with the best entry of the week.

So get your nominations for entry of the week in during the week to [email protected] so that she has plenty to choose from every week.

Again, my apologies for the lapse in service, and my thanks to all of you for your patience and to Katrina for picking up the slack 🙂


6 thoughts on “Choice of the Week”

  1. Can you guys fix the bug in the comments…?

    Every time I try to quote something… I get this funny command stuff…

    for example: "I said it first!"

    (wonder if it does it here…)

    hmm, this is a copy and paste:

    "Leave that all behind…"

    see it there? *sighs*

    You can’t use the double apostrophe (aka quotes) in the comments,…

    Ok, see ya


    Please please fix it…

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